Welcome to the website of Payne County Audubon Society.  For almost 50 years, PCAS has actively promoted the enjoyment of birds and other wildlife in north-central Oklahoma through education, conservation, and study.  We invite you to tour our website and to join us as a friend and member of PCAS.
                   What’s New? (updated 29 January 2006)

Evening meeting:   Payne County Audubon Society’s next evening meeting will be Thursday, February 2nd at 7:00 p.m. in Rm 214 at the Stillwater Public Library.  Our speaker, Marty Piorkowski of the Zoology Department at OSU, will give a presentation titled “Assessing the Effects of Wind Energy Development on Grassland Birds and Bats in Western Oklahoma.”
The GBBC:  The 9th annual Great Backyard Bird Count will be held February 17-20, 2006.  Last year, participants counted 613 species and more than 6 million birds.  This project is now a major source of information about wintering birds in North America.  To learn how you can join, please click on GBBC.
Stillwater CBC:   Payne County Audubon Society members and friends participated in the 106th annual National Audubon Christmas Bird Count on December 17.  The day was a great success, with record numbers of participants (30), bird species (109) and total birds (>19,000).  Click on Bird Sightings to see a complete list of participants and bird species seen.